If diamond’s are a girl’s best friend then we’re your best friend’s best friend. EverettBrookes offer an extensive choice not only in the size, shape and quality of your diamond but now even the colour and how it was created.

There are many things that influence the price of a diamond beyond the four C’s – Colour, Cut, Carat weight and Clarity. Anything that adversely affects the appearance will be reflected in the price but not all of these things appear on a certificate.

Let our decades of experience guide you in finding the best diamond for you.

princess cut diamond

Diamond Sale

Great savings sale on selected diamonds.


Lab-grown diamonds

Identical to mined diamonds in every way except origin.

Environmentally friendly and price competitive, they represent great value.

Natural Diamonds

Don’t just hope you get a great diamond, let us guarantee it.

Benefit from our decades of experience to find your perfect diamond.

Coloured diamonds

Dazzling brilliance. Captivating colour. With only one in 10,000 diamonds having a fancy colour, they are the planet’s most valued gems.


A completely synthetic creation, moissanite is an economical alternative to even lab-grown diamonds.



Exquisite gemstones from the world’s finest merchants to suit every taste.

Any size, shape, colour and type. Let us find your favourite.