Engagement, wedding and dress rings, handmade by you

One unique service we offer is the opportunity for you to make your own ring. Working with one of our Executive Jewellers you will be able roll out gold and assist in the bending, filing, and shaping of your unique ring.

We will take photographs of you at each stage of the process and supply them on DVD. Photos and movies have often been shown at engagement parties and weddings, sharing this unique experience with family and friends.

This complimentary service takes the intimacy of your ring to an entirely new level. Imagine the reaction when your partner knows you not only designed their ring but were actually involved in its creation.

We think such an important symbol should be crafted with love and passion. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of making something with your hands that lasts generations. You will then have a story to pass on to your children and grandchildren along with your ring.

View our testimonials page for some of our customer’s thoughts on our unique experience.

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