We know planning a proposal can be just as stressful as it is exciting, so here are some things you need to know about our proposal loan rings:

This ring is a hire ring, intended to take the stress out of engagement ring shopping by loaning you a ring to propose with.

Once you propose, return the ring to EverettBrookes. The loan fee of $2500 will be used as a deposit for the custom engagement ring you create with EverettBrookes. If you decide to purchase your proposal ring as a keepsake, no worries… we just won’t take the loan fee off your new engagement ring.

If your partner decides they love the proposal ring, and do not wish to design/create their custom engagement ring, the team at EverettBrookes will assist in the selection of a diamond (or gemstone) to replace the cubic zirconia used in the proposal ring.

If for some reason you and your partner wish to return your proposal loan ring & do not wish to create an engagement ring with EverettBrookes, we will refund the proposal loan fee minus $250 to cover our restocking fee.

For more information book an appointment here.

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