Selecting the perfect engagement ring can be a difficult decision when presented with so many decisions. Does your partner like a diamond or gemstone? Mined or lab-grown diamond? Solitaire or halo engagement ring? Yellow, white or rose gold? Perhaps platinum? We even offer a choice on how we make your engagement ring – hand made or our Designer Series.

To simplify this, we offer a classic solitaire design proposal ring. These are all 9ct gold with a 1.0ct size cubic zirconia.

Once you propose you can return this and have it taken off the price of your engagement ring. However many prefer to keep this ring as this is the ring you proposed with. The cubic zirconia can always be replaced later with your birthstone, favourite gemstone or the gem for the month you proposed.

Once you have proposed, you can both be involved in the design process and bring the symbol of your love, to life, together.

Our classic proposal rings are available in a choice of 9ct yellow, white or rose gold. All are size M.

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