UNO de 50

Unveil the real you with elegant accessories and unique jewellery for women by UNOde50.

Coeur de Lion’s creations marry clear, minimalist design with unusual colour combinations, making them both elegant and unconventional.

Dansk Copenhagen

An exciting and dynamic fashion jewellery collection from one of Scandinavia’s most desired fashion jewellery brands.

Jewellery Sale

Genuine savings to be had on a range of quality products.


Celebrate important milestones with your own custom designed corporate gift. Anniversary pins, pendants, cufflinks or tiebars are just some of the many possibilities you can reward the success of your company or staff.



Suit up, and add a special touch with hand-made cufflinks. Come to us with ideas – your favourite football team, you and your partner’s initials or a hobby.


Great selection of styles.

Don’t find something you like?
Talk to us about making you something.


Men’s Bracelets

Necklaces may not be for you or your man, but bracelets could be.

SevenFriday Bracelets

SEVENFRIDAY is pleased to announce the launch of the SEVENFRIDAY Bracelet collections called the Jumper, Piston and the Plumber.


Women’s Bracelets

Celebrate an achievement, connect a moment between two people or simply treat yourself with a luxurious new bracelet.

Women’s Pendants

Wear a uniquely-made pendant to remind you of a person or place in time.