Is your jewellery handmade?

Yes, we hand-make our jewellery using centuries-old techniques. You can see the jewellers work benches right in the middle of the store. Come and see how your ring is made.

What is a ‘cast’ ring?

Casting is the most common method of making a ring. It simply means the ring is made or cast from a mould in a factory – how mass-produced rings are made.

Cast v handmade rings?

Hand made rings have a higher integrity than cast rings. The hammering and heating process in a hand made ring improves the quality of the metal, just like a blacksmith.

Casting gold is softer and while they are cheaper to make they are less durable than a hand-made ring.

Do you use certified diamonds?

Yes, our stones are independently-certified by the world’s foremost authorities in diamond grading, including the Gemological Institute of America. Always insist on independent certification rather than ‘store certified’. We don’t just deal with Australia’s leading diamond merchants but have access to the world’s largest diamond inventory.

Is 18ct gold stronger than 9ct gold?

There’s little difference between the hardness of 9ct and 18ct gold. In white gold, 18ct is harder than 9ct, however, in yellow gold the reverse is true. 9ct yellow gold is harder than 18ct. Both options, if handmade, will last several lifetimes.

Is platinum whiter than white gold?

Yes, it is, but because our rings are handmade there isn’t much difference between our white gold and platinum. A platinum ring won’t need rhodium plating once a year like a white gold ring, but it could require polishing several times a year. 

Can I see you after hours?

Absolutely, please make a private appointment with us, either before or after hours.

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