Unique Experience

At EverettBrookes we like to pride ourselves not not only on the quality of our workmanship but equally on the experience you receive. There are a number of things we do differently. First and foremost we hand make. This the exception now, rather than the rule with most rings being cast in overseas factories. The process of hand making a ring makes the metal stronger, is not hollowed out to save metal, is built to your design and budget. You can see and hear our jewellers and jewellery benches in the centre of the store. We’ll happily demonstrate the process of hand making a ring for you.We use traditional tools and techniques as jewellers have done for centuries. We exclusively offer you the opportunity to hand make the ring yourself! Working with either of our Executive Jewellers you will take a bar of gold and roll, file, hammer and saw it into the shape of a ring. We photograph this process and present you with a DVD when the ring is completed. More details can be found on our Handmade by You page or our youtube channel.

To see what some of our customers thought of their experience with us, visit our testimonials page.

Other unique experiences we provide include:

After hours consultation

After Hours Appointment

We realise it can often be difficult to get time away from work to discuss your engagement or wedding ring requirements. Rather than rush important decisions in your lunch hour, we’re always happy to see you after hours. We are open late on a Friday night and open on Saturday however if it’s more convenient to see us after hours on a week night then we’ll be here for you. Simply call to make an appointment and we’ll be happy to see you. It’s often a more relaxed environment, without the interruptions or distractions often present in a busy jewellery store during the day. You will also enjoy the privacy of your one-on-one appointment with either of our Executive Jewellers David Everett or Ian Brookes.


Liquor licence

EB Liquor Licence

Whether you call in after work on a Friday night or make a private after hours appointment, you will enjoy a complimentary beer, wine or champagne. Jewellery stores can be particularly stressful for guys as it’s not their natural habitat. A beer or a wine can help them relax and break down any preconceptions they may have had. Of course it’s not all about the guys. The girls have also been known to enjoy a wine or champagne or two whilst selecting their diamonds.


Satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

The most important thing for us is your satisfaction. As manufacturing jewellers it’s generally not until your piece is complete do you get to see it for the first time. In the rare occasion that any piece we’ve handmade does not meet your expectations then we will modify at necessary. If it can’t be modified then we will remake the piece, at no cost to you. At EverettBrookes you will never be stuck with a ring that you don’t love. If you don’t love it then we will want to change it. Whether it’s just a little filing of the band or a complete remake then we’ll work with you to give you the ring of your dreams.


Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty

We stand behind our workmanship. We provide a lifetime warranty on any item that we have made. Whether a ring, pendant, bracelet, bangle or earrings, you have piece of mind in knowing that in the unlikely situation a manufacturing fault should appear, we will repair it at no cost to you.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on designing your special piece of jewellery and invite you to discover why we were awarded Australia and New Zealand’s “Best Jewellery Retailer” for yourself.




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