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On January 28, 2017 became Year of the Rooster, as SevenFriday celebrates the upcoming Chinese New Year 2017 with a limited-edition timepiece release known as Lucky.

Inspired by the lucky Chinese coin, the Lucky limited-edition timepiece is a watch that symbolises the heart and soul of a Chinese New Year. The stainless steel watch, which named P2B/08, is constructed with PVD black treatment that houses an open balanced wheel on Miyota 8257 automatic movement in a 47mm x 47.60mm case. The P28/08 also features an embedded NFC chip placed in the polished PVD Gold treated stainless steel caseback, which serves as an essential component to ensure authentication of the watch using SevenFriday‘s mobile app. “The coin has been a symbol of wealth and money for centuries. Today, it continues to be a part of the Chinese culture, and is often added to personal accessories to trigger a spark of energy and abundance.”

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