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    The denim strap says it all: informality rules the day with this watch on your wrist. But when has the informal ever been so well-outfitted? Sure, keep your tuxedo for those special elegant times; this Swiss timepiece is designed for having a relaxed time, which means nearly all the time. For someone who breaks a sweat at the gym – but not as they go about their business – you follow the old folkie’s direction: “Take it easy, but take it!” The laid-back confidence of a born leader needs no pomp and circumstance to get everything done. The name BOLT-68 itself pays homage to a year in the turbulent 1960s – the decade when denim went from being a poor working man’s fabric to the universal trapping of youth, and it’s only grown from there. This wristwatch pairs the look and feel of that beloved fabric with a stunningly gorgeous shade of twilight blue dominating the watch dial in a shimmering ring, matched by the enclosure’s deep blue stainless-steel exterior. Even the crown and pushers are a rich blue hue. Like all BOMBERG BOLT-68 wristwatches, this blue beauty comes replete with a medallion and chain to transform it into pocket watch that is readily attachable to … you guessed it … your jeans. Movement, design, and assembly all made in Switzerland.




    Screwed-down (couronne vissée), Dark Gunmetal & Sky Blue


    Brass, round with inner bezel


    Current Dark Gunmetal PVD


    Designed and assembled


    24 months – Battery ref 384



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    The most unique and disruptive aspect of the BOLT-68 is its transformative ability. Using an ingenious bayonet system with a trigger guard – an exclusive system patented by BOMBERG – the time-keeping module can be detached from its base and attached to a metal chain to be transformed into a masculine pocket watch. The chain differs quite a bit from the fine chains on the pocket watches of yesteryear. As you will no doubt have realized, this tool is destined more for a pocket on a pair of jeans than that of a gentleman’s waistcoat. All BOLT-68 collections include the chain and medallion for turning your exclusive timepiece into a disruptive pocket watch.


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