Womens Wedding Rings


Your wedding rings have been a symbol of love and commitment for centuries. At EverettBrookes Jewellers we believe something this important should be unique and personal. This is why we choose to make your rings by hand, here in our modern workshop using the centuries proven techniques to your design and your budget.

Now you have the opportunity to share in the unique experience of making your own wedding or engagement ring. Spending an hour with one of our experienced jewellers you have the opportunity to saw, roll, bend, hammer and file the ring of your dreams.

Our client’s reaction to this unique experience that has been overwhelming.

“Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to hand make each others rings.  We absolutely loved the experience and that we can tell our kids one day that we made each others rings. Definitely the best part of the wedding experience preparation.”
“The experience of making my fiance´s ring is just incredible. I can’t believe how hands on it is. It gives you a real appreciatation for the work that goes into it and I love that it’s a one off. Every time I look at her ring I just smile and think ‘I made that’. That’s very cool”


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