The following are a list of Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) we’ve prepared to help you make an informed choice when choosing jewellery and a jeweller.


Hand made jewelleryIs your jewellery hand made?

Yes. We are proud of the fact that we hand make our jewellery using centuries old techniques. You can see the jewellers work benches right in the middle of the store. We’re happy to show you how and where your ring is made.


What’s is a ‘cast’ ring?

Cast rings are the most common form of ring. The term ‘cast’ refers to the fact that the ring is made or cast from a mould in a factory. This is how most mass produced rings are made.


Cast jewellery wax treeWhat’s the difference between a cast ring and a hand made ring?

Hand made rings generally have a higher integrity than cast rings. The hammering and heating process in a hand made ring improves the quality of the metal. The metal in a cast ring is sometimes mixed with silicon and other agents to help the metal flow smoothly in the mould. Unfortunately this can render the metal brittle. Also as the cast metal is flowed around the stones, this creates a weaker setting. Our hand made rings are all hand set by professional diamond setters.


hand made ringAre your hand made rings more expensive?

No, in fact our prices are as good as or better than many other jewellers. Because we’re a manufacturing jeweller, you effectively pay wholesale price, not the significantly higher retail price.


Do you use certified diamonds?

Yes. The vast majority of our stones are independently certified by the world’s foremost authority in diamond grading, the GIA (Gemological Institue of America). The most widely used and respected reports are those issued by the independent GIA Laboratory. You should always insist on independent certification of a diamond rather than ‘store certified’.


Is 18ct gold stronger than 9ct gold?

This is a common misconception. Different colour and carat gold alloys have slightly different hardnesses, however there is very little difference between the hardness of 9ct and 18ct gold. Both will last several lifetimes.


Is platinum whiter than white gold?

It’s true that platinum is brighter than the white gold used in most cast rings. However because our rings are hand made there is very little difference between our white gold and platinum. Ask the jeweller to show a piece of each for comparison.


Can I see you after hours?

Absolutely! We recognise that you probably work full time and that makes it hard to get into a jeweller during the day. We are available to make private appointments either before work or after hours. Jewellery is often a considerable financial and emotional investment and should not be rushed.


Wow that’s a lot to take in. I need a drink!

No problem! As Adelaide’s only jeweller with a liquor license we can provide you with complimentary beer, wine or champagne. We enjoy getting to know our customers and they often appreciate the relaxed atmosphere.

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